Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

Postby dschunk » Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:55 am

Hello there!

Welcome to the new and improved forum here at Adopted for Good. We hope you enjoy our new system. In the meantime, lets all get to know each other! Post a little about yourself and why you are here.

Take care and welcome aboard.
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Re: Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

Postby suesuemc » Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:40 am

HH[color=#BF00FF][/color]Hello, my name is Sue! I am here looking for my birth parents/birth family! I live in Phoenix, Az, have lived here my whole life! Here in AZ we can only get our non-identifying info from the courts, I have done this and it basically shows nothing! I have been told I had 10 other brothers and sisters (all older) and have had no luck at all no clues or anything else! I have felt like something was missing my whole life, even though my adoptive parents were very good to me, the both have since passed away! I am glad to be here and hopefully can find some info on where else to look!

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Re: Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

Postby Littlerussian93 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:49 pm

Hello my name is Kelsey
I was born in Saint Petersburg Russia and came here when I was almost 4!!! I have 4 birth siblings and I know 2 of them! And there are 2 of them I don't know! My birth mom did pass away because she was an alcoholic. So I never got to met her! But one day I am hoping to go back to Russia and meet my 2 birth brothers and explore where I came from. The reason I am here is because I would love to share my adoption story with others!

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Re: Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

Postby KittyKate93 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:52 am

Hello I'm Kate aka Alexandra

I was born in Kursk L'gov. I only know some things about my birth family and its a sad story but I am not going to stay that at all. But I am going to say is that my birth father passed away when I was a baby.. My mother was a drinker. I have one blood brother and one blood sister that is a year older then me and one step brother. I also have a step father but I don't know anything about him.. I am glad I am still alive because of what my birth mother did to me when I was inside of her. I stayed with my mother for a while until I was one years old she have to give me up and she sent me to Moscow to a orphanage house that was really small. I got adopted there in 1996 in April.. I got adopted at age 2 1/2 but I was not alone the American people also adopted a baby boy his story is really sad.. I wish I know more about them not just there names and my birth mother birthday.. I think I got named close to my father because his name is Alexander. My last name is really common so I am not able to find my birth family.. Let just say that I been though hell and I hate it...


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