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Articles and Media

This is the story of a girl who was adopted from Russia at the age of five. She decided to return to her homeland as an adult 17 years later to search for answers about her past and also help other orphans like her. As a student and a teacher this young woman accepted her past and is now focused on creating a better future for more Russian children without families.

This is a story of a girl adopted from Russia in 1995. She experienced ups and downs growing up in an American family as a Russian-American girl. She gained strength from both her adopted country America and her motherland Russia.

This is a continuation of "Dual Nationality – The Story of an Adopted Daughter.” Family, love and hope played an extensive role in one little girl’s adoption from Russia.  Despite the stigma of "orphan” this young woman takes positive from negative and embraces her identity as a Russian-American citizen.

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